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Upcoming gigs for Berlin-based Japanese sound artist Iku Sakan by DuChamp

14 June: b-flat w/ Erich Zann Quintett feat. Shasta Ellenbogen(viola) – Berlin


17 June: LADRIDO alfa beta festival w/ Volcano the Bear, Ramon Churruca, Nice Girls Become Porn Stars and Then Monstars, Tronatti – Madrid, Spain


18 June: Loophole w/ Tatsumi Ryusui – Berlin


24/26 June: Avantgarde Festival 2011 w/ Faust, Ax Genrich(ex-Guru Guru), Kakawaka, Meeting of the Spirits and many many more – Shiphorst


30 June: Loophole w/ Dario Fariello, Luca Marini, Cristiano De Fabritiis


Some lo-fi pictures of Sat 13 by DuChamp

Hi-fi pictures will comes…

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Thomas Zunk Occultofest live set on SoundCloud by DuChamp
March 14, 2011, 4:22 pm
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The amazing live set of Thomas Zunk for Occultofest here to play and download


an improv set dedicated to the people of Japan
after two earthquakes, a tsunami and radioactive polution has struck the land on March 11
ending with Vocalise by Sergej Rachmaninoff

complete set in one track
rec by Thomas
directly from the RC-50

Fuori i nomi! 1/Musica by DuChamp

We are very happy to announce that we have finally our definitive line-up.  It has been really hard to choose, but, inspired a bit by Sam Wagstaff, we decide to present just music that we love, no matter where it comes from and how is produced, and furthermore we were delighted by the possibility of using the EVP in an aesthetical sense, so we like to think that each artist we have choosen deal a bit (maybe unconsciously) with mystery and wonder, sometimes letting the surprise of the creation taking over the control of the execution.  So, here’s the names…for detailed infos, go here

Siamo molto felici di annunciarvi che finalmente abbiamo una line-up definitiva. E’ stato molto difficile decidere, ma, un pò ispirate da Sam Wigstaff, abbiamo deciso di presentare solo musica che amiamo, non importa da dove venga e come sia prodotta, e inoltre siamo deliziate dal poter usare il concetto di EVP in senso estetico, quindi ci piace pensare che ogni nostro artista abbia, magari incosciamente a che fare con il mistero e la meraviglia, magari lasciando la sopresa della creazione prendere il sopravvento sul controllo dell’esecuzione. Quindi, qui ci sono i nomi, per informazioni piu’ dettagliate, vi rimandiamo qui

In alphabetic order:

Adrian Shepard (UK)

Fausto Maijstral (IT/NZ/DE)

Francesco Cavaliere (IT) & Marcel Türkowsky (DE)

LifeLoop (IE)

Miguel Negrão (PT/NE)

Preslav Literary School (UK)

Rinus Van Alebeek (NL)

Roi Poingi (IL)

Thomas Zunk (DE)

throuRoof (IT/DE)

Radio Streaming this week end by DuChamp

Really cool radio streaming all over the week end…


+ Partner: Galeria Plan B

+ Date: 28 – 30 January 2011: The broadcast will start on the 28 January and will end on the 30 January
+ radio k’bvh;b is a three day experimental radio station marathon: 72 hours of playful subversions, aural conversations and hybrid mutations through which radio’s inherent capabilities, specificities and limits will be tested out and the medium’s vitality and significance reasserted.  Amongst boundless technological shifts and innovations concurrently being played out in the sphere of recording and direct distribution platforms (live/ recorded, mediated/unmediated file sharing and self-broadcasting) radio art’s currency as an avant-garde tool for charting out new experiential territories seems to be at stake. We wish to address this by focusing our attention on radio’s polyphonic possibilities, immediacy, real – imaginary space/time conjuration properties, sonic sensibilities and listening habits.

+ the broadcast programme will include:

/// radio experiments around ideas of ‘liveness’, interaction and medium translation which would involve amongst other things: simultaneous broadcasts of listener sent material regarding their current aural conditions as listeners of the radio programme at a certain moment in time and in a certain physical location, collaborators translating different experiences from Berlin/London/elsewhere into writing and sound;

/// hybrid forms such as film/ sculpture/ drawing/ writing/ abstract idea as radio/sound art;

/// sound collages, soundscapes, feedback experiments, concrete poetry, electroacoustic and experimental music;

/// a series of open performances taking place in the broadcasting studio which will further explore ways of participation and the limits of radio.

Many Berliners and not partecipating artist, including

Tatsumi Ryusui



+ Iku Sakan


+ Ion Dumitrescu



+ Part Objects


+ Vindicatrix

+ DuChamp


+ Matpogo


+ Thomas Zunk


+ Bobby Jewel



+ Diana Duta


+ Joseph Fellows


+ Jack Andrew Lantern


+ Simon Rose


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