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Expo 70+White Hills vs. Noisekolln w/The Phamacy and Ill Winds by DuChamp
October 8, 2012, 11:31 pm
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Wed 10 Oct, problem, two amazing gigs at the same time:

[#] Noisekolln Berlin presents: The Pharmacy live!

At 21 in Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60 NK

The Pharmacy is a psychedelic/indie punk band from New Orleans, Louisiana, consisting of three members: Scott Yoder (guitar, lead vocals), Brendhan Bowers (drums, backing vocals), and Stefan Rubicz (keyboards, backing vocals).” They just released their Album ‘Stoned Alone’ on seayou records!

Ill Winds are what sounds like a drumbox and guitars duo, operating in a strange zone recalling the vibe of the Swamp Room Records scene on the early 1990s.” (The Wire) Their debut was released earlier this year on Noisekölln Tapes.

Nicholas Houde aka. SFTSTPS
computers with feelings
[#] White Hills + Expo 70 in White Trash Schonhauser Allee 7 Mitte
(but thank god in the keller, not upstairs where people eat onion rings…)
Expo 70  is late night improvisations conceived by Justin Wright. Once a member of a group calling themselves Living Science Foundation from Los Angeles, California. Expo ’70 started with Justin Wright, Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Bipolar Beat, White Suits Brown Boots, The Manifolds, etc.) on bass and effects and Bryan Levine (Bipolar Bear), who both started Kill Shaman records. The result was an expansive array of soundscapes and drones inspired by many early gurus of experimental music from around the world.
 With just the right blend of psychedelia and hypnotic grooves, White Hills weaves in and out of anthemic chants, deep space bleeps and other worldly madness for a mix that proves to be intoxicating. Since the release of the band’s debut CD, listeners have been praising their originality and unique brand of heavy space rock.

Expo70+Ancient Ocean+DuChamp live! Berlin 130912 by DuChamp


Expo70 + Ancient Ocean + DuChamp

live in Berlin, The Zone Reuterstrasse 95 NK

13 Sept 2012, doors 8.30 pm

Expo ‘70 is the main driving improvisational essence of Justin Wright. Having started the project in Los Angeles in 2003, Wright has pushed his project to new levels, releasing a number of albums as cdr’s and 2 full-length albums. Expo ‘70’s first album “Animism”, which debuted in 2007 on Kill Shaman, is an eclectic mix of krautrock, ambient drone, space exploration and minimal compositions. Comparisons range from Brian Eno, Ash Ra Tempel, A.R. & Machines, SunnO))) and Earth, but not directly sounding like any of those artists in their entirety.

Ancient Ocean is the solo project of Brooklyn by way of Nashville guitar explorer, John Bohannon. — Hailing from the American South, he has honed a unique style of blissed-out ambient/drone meets americana-rooted psychedelia that have evoked comparisons to Kawabata Makoto’s solo works, Eno/Fripp, Robin Guthrie, and more.
Having released titles on Expo 70’s Sonic Meditations, Woodsmans’ Fire Talk, Rubber City Noise, Kimberly Dawn, and more. He has shared the stage with a diverse crowd including Tony Conrad, Tom Carter, Jeff the Brotherhood, CAVE, Danava, Lower Dens, Prince Rama, and played festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, and Sonic Circuits.

DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician, curator based in Berlin. A true pedal junkie, she make drones using accordion, bass guitar, baritone guitar, keyboard and voice. Her attempt is re-creating the sense of bliss of the hair dryer sound that she used to hear when she was a child. She performed several time in Berlin, and in Italy, Turkey and Poland.

Moonwheel aka. dj bread (baked)

Be My Delay and Rella the Woodcutter live in Berlin! by DuChamp

La gioiosa macchina da guerra, Occultofest, Occulto magazine and Boring Machine are very proud to present:



two amazing, dreamy psychedelic live act from Italy, both issued on Boring Machine…live this week end in Berlin!

Rella The Woodcutter, is an Italian musician and songwriter. He has been associated with the underground ensemble The Rotten Wine Company for many years and released many albums and EPs on a variety of labels exploring different styles, some focused on traditional songcraft, others more experimental, based on a variety of subgenera as drone, free-rock and folk music, as the CD trilogy “Desire, Death and Rebirth/Ode to Makarashyiu/Excerpt from the Blue Bible”.  He is also part of Eternal Zio, psych-drone project with Roberto Maggioni, Valla and Maurizio Abate, the latest known for his collaborations with Jooklo Duo and releases from Troglosound Records.
A fully devotion and understanding of the song dynamics makes Rella one of the most interesting musicians to continue the tradition that goes from psychedelic folk to blues to more experimental territories.  Rella’s singing is rich, intense and perfumed, sometimes plunged into deep trance. Instruments and voice which rise together in a psichedelic unison building from country-like openings or dissolving from a noisy cluster into a static chord strumming.

BeMyDelay is the solo project of Marcella Riccardi (Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano, Massimo Volume), singer and guitarist. Her interest in archaic blues and adventurous music is the ground for building a song collection which tastes of experimental blues, vocali drones, acoustic pareidolia.
BeMyDelay takes the listener to a soft voyage, letting the mind flow gently, a cosmic singalong where melodies come and go circularly, immersed in a muffled and ethereal atmosphere. Voice is used as an instrument, following the guitar loops and delays. The new album, entitled “ToTheOtherSideΔ” is based around manipulation of two loop stations, a couple of old wha-wha tibetan bells and some percussions, which togheter with the voice create circular vortex where the mind can loose herself into thousand echoes floating inside the songs. Marcella Riccardi aka BeMyDelay has played and sung with: Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano and Massimo Volume. With Franklin Delano she recorded three albums, of which “Like a smoking gun in front of me” (2004, mixed in Chicago by Brian Deck) and “Come Home” (2006, mixed at John McEntire’s Soma Studios and produced by Brian Deck) with the partecipation of musicians like Jim Becker, Ben Massarella, Tim Rutili from Califone, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Nick Broste, Josh Berman and Brian Deck himself. In 2008, with her new band, Blake/e/e/e, she started her collaboration with Vacuum Studio’s Bruno Germano, fine soundmaker and great musician (played with Settlefish among others). Blake/e/e record, “Border Radio”, has been released in US by Freefolk Records and in Europe by Unhip Records. In 2011 she worked again with Bruno Germano to record and mix her new album as BeMyDelay “ToTheOtherSideΔ” which has been mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago. Marcella/BeMyDelay loves to play live and from 2004 until now she played three coast-to-coast tour in US, two european tours and more than one hundred gigs in Italy with her bands or alone.

SAT Nov 5th @ .HBC Karl-Liebknecht Straße 9 Berlin Mitte

MON Nov 7th @ LOOPHOLE Boddinstrasse 60 Berlin Neukölln

Krautnacht (with an italo-glory) @ HBC, Sat Oct 22th! by DuChamp

Kraut-psyche as we like night at .HBC on Sat Oct 22th!

.HBC, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9 Mitte

Damo Suzuki & The Holy Soul (D/AUS)

Camera (B) & Dieter Moebius (B)

Squadra Omega (IT)

Miss Kaleidoskop (Eagle Boston)
Jimmy Trash
Abraxas Rebels

Oscar Valentine



Damo Suzuki is best known as the singer of German group Can on their LPs ‘Soundtracks’, ‘Tago Mago’, ‘Ege Bamyasi’ and ‘Future Days’. This period exerted a considerable influence on artists such as P.I.L, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Fall, who released the tribute ‘I Am Damo Suzuki’ in 1985. Much of Can’s output was made through, in Damo’s words, “instant compositions”, a thread which continues in to his current musical incarnation in the Damo Suzuki Network. From 1998 Damo has taken the Network on a ‘Never Ending Tour’, and “sound carriers” have included members of Can, Acid Mothers Temple and Guru Guru among many others.
Since his first Australian tour in 2004, Damo has been backed on several occasions by The Holy Soul, including appearances at the Big Day Out and Oren Ambarchi’s ‘Maximum Arousal’ series. Together they have released the collaborative album ‘Dead Man Has No 2nd Chance’ (2010)


Camera are a Krautrock trio – Michael Drummer (minimalistic drum set: tom, snare, cymbals), Franz Bargmann (e-guitar), Timm Brockmann (keyboard, laptop) – with occasional guest musicians. Up to now there are no recordings, they just want to play. And most of all they play spontaneously and unannounced: on the street and in subway stations, or as unwanted guests at highly official after parties like the German music award Echo or Deutscher Filmpreis, until the security notices they are not supposed to be there and kick them out. But wherever they play, their improvised and minimalistic physical Krautrock always fills their audience with enthusiasm.


After two one-sided 12″ vinyl releases (“Tenebroso” on Holidays Records and “Live at Outside Inside” on Xhol Recordings) the first SQUADRA OMEGA full lenght is finally out on Holidays Records in LP+ 7″ format. Squadra Omega is a psych/avant/krautrock collective with former and present members of the Mojomatics, With Love and Be Maledetto Now! devoted to free improvisation, psychedelic jams and mind blow ups.
The open line-up change on every track. Members of Squadra Omega gather at their analog shelter – Outside Inside Studio – and this time they definitely walked new paths and reached higher peaks of experimentation.

This sat: Klaus and Can-d (IT) and I have no mouth and I must scream (BRL) @ Bei Roy by DuChamp

La Gioiosa macchina da guerra is delight to present:

Sat Sept 17th, at Bei Roy (Ziegrastraße 11-S. Sonnenallee)

Klaus and Can-d (psyche, IT) and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Shoegaze/Psychedelic Rock/Post-Punk, BRL)

K & C are an Italian psychedelic trio that feature Piedmont’s local glories such as il Belva, drums (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Morning Telefilm), Alessio, guitar (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Mocker Monkeys, Morning Telefilm) and the recently berliner Fege, bass guitar (Queen Beee, The Hi Fevers, Fausto Maijstral and DuChamp as solo). K&C mix heavy psychedelia Oneida style, with Stoner, Dance, Kraut and good levels of surreal irony. Their main sources of inspiration are a semi-religious cult for Star Wars, Autonomous Astronauts Association, hummus, early Jovanotti, D.A.T.U.R.A. and other crap. They has started their activity in Nov 08, release an album, “Buddha Buddha Hey” produced by Rico of FiscerPrais studio, played in Italy, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands. K & C consider theirselves as a goddam comet, so that would be the ONLY chance in life to see them performing in Berlin! don´t miss them!

IHNMAIMS from Berlin stole their band name from a dystopian short story by American SF author Harlan Ellison. Their musical influences include The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and The Velvet Underground. Lyrics go from nonsense to movie and book quotes to Philip K. Dick homages. They even wrote a song about that 80’s high school black comedy film “Heathers”. You know, the one where Winona Ryder and Christian Slater kill all the popular kids and make it look like suicides.


Tonight!! Father Murphy live! by DuChamp
April 6, 2011, 1:02 pm
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Tonight, surprise concert of one of the greatest bands in Italy, Father Murphy…if you are in Berlin, just don´t miss them!

THIS NIGHT IN NEW PINGPONG bar ( Weserstr. 58)

[wed 6] – FATHER MURPHY (Aagoo Records/Boring Machines)

+ Oscar der winzige

doors 8pm. 3 euros for the band.

show 9pm SHARP

live music ENDS 10pm!

Father Murphy is an Italian trio comprised of Reverend freddie Murphy (vocals, guitar), Chiara Lee (vocals, keyboards, chinese percussions) and Vittorio Demarin (drums, viola, vocals). Born in Treviso, northern Italy, from the ashes of freddie’s several previous musical projects, Father Murphy with just one album and a plethora of ep’s and limited releases became one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy. If their first album Six Musicians getting unknown was still somewhat rooted in twisted psychedelic pop and sounded vaguely related to Os Mutantes and Italian psych pop masters Jennifer Gentle, the new record is a bold statement and a significant step ahead – out of every familiar musical genre and right into the darkness. Recorded in San Crisostomo in Bombanella church between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, And He told us to turn to the sun maybe was born like a rather weird attempt to a concept album about religion, but surely sounds like a collection of dark, foreboding songs that crawl and twist and hiss like that old biblical serpent.

Their New EP ‘No Room For The Weak’ was released in September 2010 in the UK by Aagoo records. fresh back from 6 weeks tour in the US with DEERHOOF and XIU XIU.

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