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Occulto Fest featured artists: SOUND

In alphabetic order:

With their first encounter, Francesco Cavaliere (IT) & Marcel Türkowsky (DE) immediately shared a fascination for the meaning of musical experience and the question of the musical act within different cultural contexts. Their use of specific objects referring to stories from the process of working together and the idiosyncratic approaches constantly push them to cross the river that seperates music and fine art, to leave new bridges behind. Cavaliere & Türkowsky, inspired by the Walter Marchetti thought of freeing oneself from ‘Cage’s cage’, create works solo and in collaboration in the fields of music, performance, visual art, composition, dance, anthropology and archeology. Currently they are also associated with their curational program Whistle, Minotaure!, action music groups Alberorovesciato, Cones, Canou, Datashock, Doro Bengala, Jonbo n` Jovi, Mollusca, Snake Figures Arkestra, Uuhuu, Wooden Veil. and the Harpokrates Edition run by Marcel Türkowsky. They will present a new mirror trance score for Occulto Fest, a partition featuring an operational soundtheater involving the imitation of actions, silent and duration games using private and public properties that include found and produced objects. Challenging the wide range of perceptive listening, the involvement of space until you shift to that other side.

Seamus O’Donnell, alias LifeLoop, lives and works in Berlin, and has been developing sound situations for performances and installations for various festivals and concerts in Berlin and in Europe since 1999. His main projects include work with radio re-transmissions, Reel Tape manipulations, the formation, noisiV and the association Salon Bruit as well as a regular radio show with PiRadio on the Berlin airwaves.

Fausto Maijstral is a multi-faceted band formed around the core duo of Italian scientist and musician DuChamp and sound artist Will Gresson of New Zealand. The band explores the middle ground between their mutual interest in experimental music, improvisation and the practice of field recording, performing largely improvised soundscapes with various instruments heavily processed during live performances. Individually both Rossella and Gresson have been involved in various solo and group performances, as well as contributing to several festivals in Berlin.

Miguel Negrão, is a sound artist born in 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal. Under the alias ZLB he has been active with Drone and Ambient music projects, having released one album “I Was Vaguely Aware of Something” on Friendly Virus, an independent record label and collective of which he is part and helped create. He has performed or presented pieces for the Wave Field System of the Game of Life foundation, Acousmonium sound diffusion system of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales and for the SoundWalk installation of Miso Music Portugal. He has played in Lisbon, Porto (PT), Den Haag, Utrech, Leiden (NL) and Vigo, A Corunã, Ferrol (ES). With a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics, he has recently finished a Masters at the Sonology Institute in the Den Haag Conservatory on the topic of Strategies in diffuse spatialization, specifically, using the 192 speaker Wave Field Synthesis system of the Game of Life Foundation.

Roi Poingi is an Israeli DJ living in Berlin. He’s been playing and organizing parties on the techno, breakcore and noisy electronic scene but lately he mainly play italo disco mixed with acid and freaky house. He also rocked some of the most famous clubs in Berlin like the legendary Tresor and performs in differents countries, including Israel, Holland, Poland, France and Belgium. His mixes are completly unpredictable and change with the mood he’s in, but he will prepare a special creepy and obscure set for OccultoFest.

Paulo Chinatown (Chinatown Sound System/Love Dancers Union) is a filmmaker/artist with a passion for the avantgarde, dancing and the underground scene who’s enjoyed a luscious arty bohemian life worldwide since a very early age having been based in London, Milan, Lisbon, New York, Hong Kong…and the list goes on to his new love Berlin. All of this gave him the possibility to get in touch with the underground arty club scene and dj/perform in art galleries, fashion shows, art events, Private Sleazy Burning Down The House Parties as well as spinning in clubs like Lux Fragil in Lisbon, several venues in Chinatown NYC, starting the Chinatown Sound System while doing his film degree, and launching the Love Dancers Union Party. At the same time he discovered another big inspiration soruce in a radioshow, back in 2005, Beats in Space by Tim Sweeney. After finishing his film conservatory he moves back to South East Asia, to Macau and later Hong Kong, traveling then all over China and near countries. He moves then back to Europe ending up spinning a lot in Sunny Balearic Bohemian Lisbon City while spreading is fired up Dj Sets in Milan’s Plastic club and getting some dancing contest sets a bit all over Europe, from London’s Dalston Space Disco Explorations to Milan’s Art Space Loft 21. Based in Berlin for more than a year and half now, with his precious and always increasing over three thousands records collection being spinned regularly in his United States of Disco Cosmic Monthly Concept Residencies in Berlin

As Preslav Literary School, Adam Thomas makes live tape collages using sounds drawn from an ever-growing archive of self-generated or discovered outsider noise, found sound and spoken word cassettes. A process of transference, overdubbing and live manipulation reworks these source materials into compelling, ambient broadcasts. Preslav Literary School has released records on NO-FI, Razzle Dazzle and Elephant & Castles, sharing stages and bills with Aki Onda, Machinefabriek, Gudrun Gut & AGF, Anton Bruhin, Leif Elggren and Sudden Infant. Preslav Literary School has toured the UK, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Poland and played at Flux/s 2010, Shift Festival 2010, STRP 2010 & transmediale.11.


Testcard, led by misconstructionist artist, Adrian Shephard, are a confrontational performance group, aiming to explore the mind-body phenomenon. Formed in 1993 Testcard, research range from Ouija board transmissions to brain frequency, E.V.P and mind/body experiments, seeking answers to hidden truths through intuitive approaches. Testcard have performed in Russia, Berlin, Paris, Kiev and Tate Modern in London. The brain machine was built by Testcard in 1999 and based on Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine. The brain machine is a bio-feedback ‘soft’ installation where people can experience the waves of the human mind by entering into a ‘sound and vision’ space vibrating to the beats of a single persons thought patterns. Transmit explores the power of focussed consciousness within a collective situation, seeking to go beyond the boundaries of the body using frequency technology to ‘tune’ the brain like a radio receiver, opening it to transmissions from ‘other worlds’ or haunted locations.
‘as a child i was terrified when television programs ended and the still image of the ‘testcard’ accompanied by a single tonal frequency signalled the beginning of the unknown…’ – adrian shephard

throuRoof (IT/DE) is one person and 13 ghosts who don’t want to sleep at night, producing dark, multi-colored drones while staring at the stars rather than at their shoes. In the past five years throuRoof has released several albums and splits on various international labels, inspired by his fascination for hypnagogic states and the occult. For Occulto Fest, he’ll be  presenting The Rorschach Audio: “While observations of relevant work environments and human behaviors in these environments is a very important first step in coming to understand any new domain, this activity is in and of itself not sufficient to constitute scientific research. It is fraught with problems of subjective bias in the observer. We often see what we expect to see, we interpret the world through our own personal lens. Thus we are extraordinarily open to the trap of apophenia.” An Installation with Candles, Paper, Guitar Feedback, Laptop & Radio.

Rinus Van Alebeek is an electronic musician and performer born in Holland in 1956, currently based in Berlin. His approach to musical improvisation is radical, and often based on sounds captured on his many trips through the U.S., Europe and the Maghreb countries, using simple sound capturing systems like microphones connected to old Walkmans and dictaphones. During live performances he mixes and processes tapes creating powerful sound collages on the border between noise and pure poetry.

Thomas Zunk is a multi-instrumentalist living in Berlin and has specializedon odd and unusual instruments such as Kendang, Waterphone, Kraakdoos,analogue synthesizers and the Theremin.He studied Ethnomusicology at FU Berlin as well as classical JavaneseGamelan music (1978-1994) and innovative percussion techniques withIndonesian composer Paul Gutama Soegijo. Thomas is on stage with improvised music since 1976 and played at severalinternational festivals (ATONAL Berlin 1986, Postfuhramtfestival Berlin1999 and 2000, Streets of Brighton 2001 and 2002, EXIT! Butoh FestivalSchloss Bröllin 2003, LEM Barcelona MACBA 2007, AvantgardefestivalSchiphorst 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010). Own compositions since 1993. He works as a soloist and has had collaborations with amongst others:tatoeba – Theatre Danse Grotesque, Geoff Leigh, Richard Lainhart, BenoîtDelaune, Lutz Wernicke, Günter Schickert, FAUST, Ángel Ontalva and OCTOBEREQUUS.

His main musical interest since late 2007 is learning and mastering theTheremin and creating new music with and for it.Thomas plays classical music arranged for Theremin (Saint-Saens, Debussy,Rachmaninoff, Messiaen) as well as multi-layered improvisations forTheremin and devices (Loopstations, Delays, Filter) which enable him tocreate as a soloist impromptu arrangements for Theremin orchestra with manyfacets of sound colours.

Presently Thomas is a member of BERIO, the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra,works together with Berlin Butoh dancer and performance artist Elke Postleras SYNTRON (since 2000) and has recently initiated the ERICH ZANN QUINTETT(aka Ehlers/Kaluza/Sakan/Usenko/Zunk)


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