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Takfrei-two days exp music festival @ Able Gallerie Berlin! 17/18 June by DuChamp

Friday 17th of june

17h | Olivier Di Placido / Seiji Morimoto
18h30 | Tatsumi Ryusui / Francois Sallé
20h | As Deafness Increases
21h30 | Joker Nies / Mona-Jean Cedar / Jeff Boynton

Saturday 18th of june

14h | Felicity Mangan
15h15 | Rubén Patiño
16h30h | Ignaz Schick / Olivier di Placido
17h45 | Benjamin L Aman
19h00 | Fred Altstatt
20h15 | Mario De Vega
21h30 | Marcel Türkowsky


this week end in Berlin: Mirror Trance and OvO… by DuChamp

Thu Apr 21 @ General Public start 20.00 

Screening and talk with Raphael Grisey
3 Films by Raphael Grisey:  Minhocão / The Indians / National Motives

Raphaël Grisey, artist in the time-based arts, realized experimental films, video installations, video-essays, and documentaries. His work gathers or produces narratives around collective memories, migration or architecture.

Fri 22 Apr @ Sameheads Richardstrasse 10 Berlin start at 22


Mirror Trance performance, by Cavaliere and Türkowsky, was the closing piece of Occultofest, and I´m quite sure some of you still have the goose bumps for that…such an AMAZING experience…so don´t miss it!

Sat 23 Apr @ NK Elsen Strasse 52 Berlin


OvO, featuring Bruno Dorella (Bachi da Pietra, Ronin, and so on) and Stefania Pedretti (Alos?, Allun) are one of the most amazing bands in Italy, and their live acts are awesome. In the same night, others italo-glories of experimental scene, such as Jealousy Party (Burp Enterprise, Mat Pogo…) and Claudio Rocchetti.

Fuori i nomi! 1/Musica by DuChamp

We are very happy to announce that we have finally our definitive line-up.  It has been really hard to choose, but, inspired a bit by Sam Wagstaff, we decide to present just music that we love, no matter where it comes from and how is produced, and furthermore we were delighted by the possibility of using the EVP in an aesthetical sense, so we like to think that each artist we have choosen deal a bit (maybe unconsciously) with mystery and wonder, sometimes letting the surprise of the creation taking over the control of the execution.  So, here’s the names…for detailed infos, go here

Siamo molto felici di annunciarvi che finalmente abbiamo una line-up definitiva. E’ stato molto difficile decidere, ma, un pò ispirate da Sam Wigstaff, abbiamo deciso di presentare solo musica che amiamo, non importa da dove venga e come sia prodotta, e inoltre siamo deliziate dal poter usare il concetto di EVP in senso estetico, quindi ci piace pensare che ogni nostro artista abbia, magari incosciamente a che fare con il mistero e la meraviglia, magari lasciando la sopresa della creazione prendere il sopravvento sul controllo dell’esecuzione. Quindi, qui ci sono i nomi, per informazioni piu’ dettagliate, vi rimandiamo qui

In alphabetic order:

Adrian Shepard (UK)

Fausto Maijstral (IT/NZ/DE)

Francesco Cavaliere (IT) & Marcel Türkowsky (DE)

LifeLoop (IE)

Miguel Negrão (PT/NE)

Preslav Literary School (UK)

Rinus Van Alebeek (NL)

Roi Poingi (IL)

Thomas Zunk (DE)

throuRoof (IT/DE)

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