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This week: Man meets bear, CC Hennix, Derek Holzer, Aidan Baker… by DuChamp

Busy week. And delightful.

[#] Wed 16 Jan @ Intersoup bar, Schliemannstr. 31 Pberg

Jacob Faurholt (DK) and Man meets bear (CA)

Man meets Bear has been a lake scientist from Ontario and the name of a totem pole in British Columbia which depicts a man climbing up a tree, facing a bear climbing down the tree. Today she includes a solar engineer and an Experimental Housewife.

Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt has released four solo albums between 2005 – 2012, the latest Dark Hours, was released in Germany through Raw Onion Records in July. Dark Hours was well received and the English site Drowned In Sound wrote the following: “Jacob Faurholt instantly transports the listener to the sort of gothic Americana hinterland that has been populated by the likes of Will Oldham and Sparklehorse.” Faurholt moved to Berlin in 2010, and has since played more than 50 shows in Germany. He has also played support jobs for Grizzly Bear, The Black Heart Procession, The Handsome Family, and fellow danes Efterklang. Faurholt is also active with his psych pop band Crystal Shipsss.

[#] Thu 17 Jan @ NK, Elsenstr. 52 Berlin Treptow,  a concert to be not missed!


Amelia Cuni – solo voice
Catherine Christer Hennix – drone voice
Werner Durand – invented wind instruments, drones
with Stefan Tiedje – sound

BORN OF SIX comes out of the traditions of Dhrupad, Early Minimalism and Just Intonation.

„A solid foundation is the best basis for the fundamental“

Narada´s Exposition of the seven notes begins as follows: Because sadja (the Tonic) arises from the combination of nose, throat, chest, palate, tongue, and teeth, it is known as „six-born“.

Catherine Christer Hennix, born 1948 in Stockholm, is an artist, poet, composer, and philosopher with a strong interest in logic, the foundations of mathematics, and formal music theory. Hennix began her musical studies in the 1960s, paying particular attention to the music of Iannis Xenakis and Karlheinz Stockhausen. She pursued studies with Hindustani raga master Pandit Pran Nath in the 1970 and has been a key protagonist in the Manhattan Downtown School along with La Monte Young and Henry Flynt, with whom she shared a number of collaborations that led both to coin the term HESE (“Hallucinogenic Ecstatic Sound Environment”) to aptly describe their scientifically systematic quest for ecstatic states of consciousness.

Amelia Cuni is a singer, composer and performer. She has trained her voice and musical skills in India, according to the tradition of DHRUPAD singing and KATHAK dance. Her present work includes contemporary music and multimedia collaborations with several artists of international repute. She is engaged in the transmission of the knowledge she has acquired from her gurus and teaches Indian singing at the Vicenza Conservatory in Italy. She is based in Berlin.

Werner Durand  performs his own music for saxophones, iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments since the late seventies. He studied with Ariel Kalma in Paris, Indian classical music in India and Berlin (with Kamalesh Maitra) and Iranian ney with Ali Reza Asgharia. He started to build wind instruments out of plexi-glass and PVC in the early 80s, which led to the foundation of THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE in 1990.


[#] Fri 18 Jan @ O Tannenbaum Sonnenallee 27 NK


Derek Holzer (1972) is an American sound artist based in Berlin, whose current interests include DIY analog electronics, sound art, field recording and the meeting points of electroacoustic, noise, improv and extreme music. He has played live experimental sound, as well as taught workshops in noise art technology, across Europe, North America, Brazil and New Zealand.
is a cooperation of florinn bareth (e-violin) and max stadler (electronics).

Nicolas Humbert
A guy with a voice, realixing Billy. Seaguls fly by and say goodbye.

[#] Sat 19 Jan @ Sdw Neukölln, Pflügerstrasse 11

Eye jazz: Visual Exhibit by HLG, live music by Aidan Baker

“Jazz is based on freedom; you start with one line and keep inventing as you go along…” E.D

HLG specializes in meditative free-form ornaMENTAL drawings, but he also dabbles in screen printing, painting and tattooing.  The bending of the Self that comes from collaborations with other like-minded artists is something he thrives on. He doesn‘t live in Sweden anymore.

Aidan Baker is a Canadian musician & writer alternately based in Toronto & Berlin. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument is the electric guitar with which he creates music ranging from experimental/drone to ambient post-rock to contemporary classical. In addition to his solo work, he performs with the groups Nadja, Whisper Room, and B/B/S/. Baker has released numerous albums on such labels as Alien8 Recordings, Beta-lactam Ring Records, Important Records, and Drone Records.


Electronics + gamelan live at Gelegenheiten 18-10-12 ! by DuChamp

Edberg/Erlandsson/Lisinski are exploring ways of blurring the boundaries between composition and improvisation.

Edberg/Erlandsson/Lisinski was formed in 2010 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where Isak Edberg, Mats Erlandsson and Victor Lisinski studied composition together. The group is exploring ways of blurring the boundaries between composition and improvisation. Edberg/Erlandsson/Lisinski are constantly developing new material and new software solutions to find ways of incorporating live-electronics and gamelan instruments. For example with synthesis based on the harmonics of the instruments and by live-processing the instruments.

Isak Edberg – live-electronics
Mats Erlandsson – live-electronics
Victor Lisinski – Balinese gamelan instruments and live-electronics

Gelegenheiten e.V. Berlin
Weserstrasse 50 NK concert starts at 20.30

and tonight, artist presentation at NK!

this week end in Berlin: Mirror Trance and OvO… by DuChamp

Thu Apr 21 @ General Public start 20.00 

Screening and talk with Raphael Grisey
3 Films by Raphael Grisey:  Minhocão / The Indians / National Motives

Raphaël Grisey, artist in the time-based arts, realized experimental films, video installations, video-essays, and documentaries. His work gathers or produces narratives around collective memories, migration or architecture.

Fri 22 Apr @ Sameheads Richardstrasse 10 Berlin start at 22


Mirror Trance performance, by Cavaliere and Türkowsky, was the closing piece of Occultofest, and I´m quite sure some of you still have the goose bumps for that…such an AMAZING experience…so don´t miss it!

Sat 23 Apr @ NK Elsen Strasse 52 Berlin


OvO, featuring Bruno Dorella (Bachi da Pietra, Ronin, and so on) and Stefania Pedretti (Alos?, Allun) are one of the most amazing bands in Italy, and their live acts are awesome. In the same night, others italo-glories of experimental scene, such as Jealousy Party (Burp Enterprise, Mat Pogo…) and Claudio Rocchetti.

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