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Brand new OCCULTO out soon!! by DuChamp

Issue √-1 is almost there!


It has kept its glossy outlook but is twice as thick.

It features stories about urine tests and work conditions; sea urchins and Magnetic Resonance Imaging; oscillations applied to neuroscience and electronic music; delirious theories about how sistematic blood transfusions can heal any mortal disease; reflections on the damages caused by scientific analfabetism in the last centuries and more more more.

Here below some preview of the contents, check our events and news section and book your copy now! The first 100 exemplars will feature a special CD compiled by no less than Onga Boring Machines



Hurry up! subscribe to DETECTION workshop!! by DuChamp

Conceveid and directed by Martin Howse and Martin Kuentz

12-13 March 2011, h 11.30-19 @ Ausland
Workshop fee: 30 Euros
Subcriptions and info here:

But… But what is detection if not confession?
[NIcholas Roeg’s Bad Timing, 1980]

The conditions of the sentience had been here, he imagined, fulfilledin the method of collocation of these stones –in the order of their arrangement, as well as in that of the many fungi which overspread them, and of the decayed trees which stood around –above all, in the long undisturbed endurance of this arrangement, and in its reduplication in the still waters of the tarn.
[Edgar Allen Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher, 1839]

A two day workshop exploring the work of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) practitioners such as Friedrich Juergenson, Konstantin Raudive and Klaus Schreiber under the twinned practical methodologies of excitation (pick your carrier) and paranoid detection (everyday forensics). Detection is rehearsed in its widest sense, as a “making sense of that which is”. The detection workshop points towards playful techniques for the investigation of materiality and message which are positioned to one definite side of scientific, economic or teleological examinations; this revealing is necessary. And finally, to ask the question, experimentally, of what exactly constitutes detection and the work of the detective?

1st day schedule
Examination of classical EVP techniques with an emphasis on light/provision of carrier and subsequent detection/recording, and on the practical repurposing of electronic detection hardware (radios, tape recorders, video machines).
A series of experimental platforms ranging across radio, ultrasonics, white noise, light and vibration will be constructed alongside a set of experimental apparatus for use during the following day’s excursion. A small overnight test situation also will be set up at a new location.

2st day schedule
Fieldtrip to an to-be-specified location for primary inscription and playback of the stone tape. Other activities will include geophony, amateur geo-forensics and the construction of ad-hoc seismometers, dowsing, excavation, and forensic enquiry.
The workshop will close with a public presentation/performance with willing workshop participants at Ausland.

That which participants could bring
Any form of recording or transcribing device (tape/HD recorder, camera, pencil, paper), materials for excitation and subsequent detection (for example, minerals), and dowsing rods/pendulums.

Our inspiration part 2: number stations/le nostre ispirazioni parte 2: number stations by DuChamp

Numbers stations (or number stations) are shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin. They generally broadcast  generated voices reading streams of numbers, words, letters (sometimes using a spelling alphabet), tunes, morse code or just (apparent) noise. They are in a wide variety of languages mostly English, German, French and many Slavic languages). Evidence supports popular assumptions that the broadcasts are used to send messages to spies. For the entire story, see Wikipedia article. But, aside of the really fascinating story, is totally worth to hear those hours of alienating, creepy and mysterious sounds: Irdial disc produced a whole 4-cd box of NS voices, called The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations, all downloadable legally for free from here.

And for your delight, here an excerpt….

Number stations sono stazioni radio a onde corte di origine incerta. In genere trasmettono voci generate che leggono flussi di numeri, parole, lettere (a volte usando spelling), suoni, codici morse o solo (apparentemente) rumore. Utilizzano varie lingue per lo più inglese, tedesco, francese e molte lingue slave). Alcune prove sosterrebbero l’ipotesi popolare per le quali sarebbero trasmissioni  utilizzate per inviare messaggi alle spie. Per l’intera storia, vedere l’articolo Wikipedia. Ma, al di là della storia davvero affascinante,  vale assolutamente la pena di ascoltarle, e godersi ore di ore di suoni stranianti, inquietanti e misteriosi: Irdial records ha prodotto un box  di 4 cd con voci NS, chiamato The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations tutti legalmente scaricabili gratuitamente da qui.

E per il vostro piacere, ecco un estratto ….

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