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Thu 25 Oct: Talibam! live in Loophole by DuChamp
October 23, 2012, 7:32 pm
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Noisekölln and Loophole present:

Talibam! live in Loophole 

Boddinstrasse 60 NK

Talibam! (US)
Previously known for their avant-jazz, experimental rock leanings, Puff Up the Volume sees Talibam! turning their considerable talents towards an album of synth-pop-infused, comedy-soaked “No School Rap”.

Marrow Mandler(DE)



Noisekölln presents: Aidan Baker + Noveller + Sferics live in Loophole! 15-10-12 by DuChamp

beloved Noisekölln + julie tippex presents:

Noveller + Aidan Baker + Sferics

Mon 15 Oct in Loophole (Boddinstrasse 60 NK) at 21

Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. Handling the electric guitar as her muse, Lipstate summons a sonic palette so rich as to challenge the listener to conceive of how it’s housed in a single instrument manipulated by a solitary performer. Lipstate has collaborated with several renowned musicians, including live improvised duo performances with Carla Bozulich (Evangelista, The Geraldine Fibbers), David Wm. Sims (the Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid), and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth).

Aidan Bakeris a Canadian musician & writer alternately based in Toronto & Berlin. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument is the electric guitar with which he creates music ranging from experimental/drone to ambient post-rock to contemporary classical. In addition to his solo work, he performs with the groups Nadja, Whisper Room, and B/B/S/. Baker has released numerous albums on such labels as Alien8 Recordings, Beta-lactam Ring Records, Important Records, and Drone Records.

Sferics is Felix-Florian Tödtloff (of Petethepiratesquid, Sun Worship, etc.) on solo electric guitar. Eccentric shredding to a stereo delay, Kraut-influenced improvisation, if you know what you’re doing it’s not experimental!

on the decks:


Fully Blown Dental Reform+Iku Sakan live at Bei Roy! by DuChamp

Wed Sept 19 at 21

Bei Roy, Ziegrastrasse 13 NK


are Marc Fantini + Leon T. Barnett + Danny O´Really

“Free jazz, noise, free noise, free form music, whatever you want to call it, these guys are experts at it. Combining the shrieks and improv of free jazz stuff like Ornette Coleman and Coltrane’s Ascencion with the harsh noise and bleak nihilism of the forward thinking modern noise movement, both Pollard and O’Really have been playing all over Europe as solo artists and have now combined forces to blow your mind.” Barry Spooren, Incubate festival, 2


Iku Sakan (Jp)

is a experimental sound performer, improvisor and DJ from Osaka, Japan currently based in Berlin, Germany.

He has performed in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Mexico, Malaysia, China & Japan, including important festivals in Europe as a member of several bands, such as All Tomorrows Partie’s in UK(with Maher Shalal Hash Baz) and Avantgard Festival in Germany(organised by Faust, with Meeting of the Spirits).

HLG, ornaMENTAL by DuChamp
February 24, 2012, 1:20 pm
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ornaMENTAL exibition, by HLG, opening Thu 1st March at 19th Boddinstrasse 60 Berlin
‘ornament’ – an element of decoration
‘ornaMENTAL’ – an eleMENTAL decoration

Together with Idrawalot Gallery & Showroom in Berlin, HLG happily invites you all for some ornaMENTAL stimulation.

Releasing a Special Edition Artist Book – Signed and Limited Edition at the Exhibition Opening!

HLG is the mononymous spiritual alias for Swedenís multifarious artist Martin Helge, currently residing in Berlin. His artistic expression is baptized in the name of Reversed Sami Magickal Dreamcatching and has many variables and personalities. It is a puzzle without words, a pyramid without angles and a crooked straight line. He is influenced by sublime alchemy, reversed psychology, abstract mental images, fluent semi-nomadic thoughts and subconscious force fields. Improvisation, rightful wrong-doing and mega productiveness , this is something he thrives on.

The power of thinking out loud and speaking without words; the equally electric and eclectic supernatural force of just being climactic and smart; the constant pushing and pulling of thinking about doing vs not doing is the strongest motivation behind his art.

He specializes in drawings, but sometimes he paints or prints. He also enjoys the mental bending of the Self that comes from free-form chaotic collaborations with other like minded artists, but simultaneously also seeks to fill all the negative space in space, as well as the holes in time, by closely intertwining his imagery with the darker aspects of the bright side of life in darkness.

For More Info: – Martin Helge – Idrawalot

Konzert! Fausto Maijstral (IT/NZ/Ber) + Ugly Potato a.k.a Tatsumi Ryusui (JP/Ber) + Izanami’s Labour Pains (DE) @Loophole by DuChamp

La gioiosa macchina da guerra proudely presents:

THU Dec 15th, at Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60, Neükolln (at 21.30)

Fausto Maijstral (NZ/IT) Electroacustics, drone, post something, saddness…

Izanami’s Labour Pains (DE) Noise…

Ugly Potato a.k.a Tatsumi Ryusui (JPN/BE) Noise, ambient, drone…

Upcoming this week: Preslav Literary School,Thomas Zunk, Lin Chi-Wei, Tastumi and so on… by DuChamp

Wed June 9th Lin Chi-Wei and C-drik live @ Quiet Cue Flughafenstraße 38 Berlin at 09 pm, entritt 5 €

Lin Chi-Wei is an audio, video and experimental performance artist from Taiwan based in Beijing.

He is also known for having been in the core of the industrial and experimental movement in Taiwan in the early 1990 with the project ZSLO (Zero and Sound Liberation Organisation).

C-drík (aka Kirdec) is a Berlin-based artist from Congo and Belgium who plays various styles ranging from electro-acoustic music to digital punk. He also manages the label Syrphe producing electronic and experimental artists from Africa and Asia among others.


Lin Chi-Wei (Beijing, China) – balloon music


Lin Chi-Wei – voice

C-drik (Berlin) – computer

Thursday, June 9 at Raum 20 Ziegrastraße 11, hinterhof


supporting acts:
WHAT featuring Amine Mesnaoui (fender rhodes) & Alix Lhoumeau (drums) dj set ondula


Fri June 11th

Japanese sound artist Tatsumi Ryusui plays solo with a new video performance in MultiLayer Laden Adalbertstraße 4, Berlin…Electric guitar, pedals, toys… They might sound quite boring until they meet Tatsumi’s hands and become the foundation of a noisy sonic experiment.

Sunday June 12 at 11 NOI Warschauer Str. 70
some ambient Theremin music while you eat your Sunday brunch, off course by Thomas Zunk!



Able Gallery-“Pudding and the inpudding” Felicity Mangan solo + Wet’n Wild first time live! by DuChamp

Pudding and the inpudding, by Felicity Megan from 2 to 15 June @ Able Gallery, Hobrechtstraße 28


A sound installation of animal sound effects played though hand-made speakers made of pudding and crystal clear plastic bowls.

Felicity Mangan is an Australian sound artist based in Berlin, Germany since 2008. Playing solo and also working with sound artists, visual a

rtists as well as choreographers. In different situations Felicity utilizes CD players and a mixer to reshape and play sound samples from a found Australian native animal CD, played on a stereophonic system or often via hand-made speakers made from re-cycled and found objects. Recently Felicity has worked with JD ZAZIE, Seiji Morimoto and Olaf Hochherz.

Vernissage June 2nd at 8.30 pm, with Wet´n Wild duo for the first time live:

In the duo Wet’n Wild JD Zazie (IT) and Felicity Mangan (AU) utilize CD playing and mixing devices to create hydro and Animalia aural hybrids by meshing and grafting found and self recorded water and animal sounds. In real time, silence and the sound of raw recordings are adjusted and shaped by functions of the playing devices, interplay, acoustics and social forces.

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