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Upcoming concert, in the land of milk and honey, part two, a sudden crush for the New World. by DuChamp

[#] A sudden crush for the New World

Sun Oct 16th @ HAU 2 ( Hallesches Ufer 32 Kreuzberg)


The duo LUCKY DRAGONS, consisting of the multi-instrumentalists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischback , has been performing for more than ten years now, and counts numerous releases. In their artistically arranged, mostly meditatively floating, and then again percussion-accentuated soundscapes they blend electronica, folk and ambient music, familiar sounds from everyday life and “exotically” coded sounds of diverse ethnic origin to become a new and highly reflected form of world music. During their concerts the LA-based group puts an end to the conventional division of stage and public, integrating the concertgoers into the plot. Likewise the trio SKELETONS conveys a similar versatility of artistic influences. It was founded ten years ago by the musician and film director Matt Mehlan. On album releases like “Money” or “Lucas” their artistic range stretches from pop in the style of Prince via free jazz and Afro-funk up to uncommon interpretations of artrock, folk and R&B. On their latest work “People” the band from New York translates their musical voyages around the world into incredibly precise, flowing and emphatic songs. Never before have the Skeletons sounded so compelling as on this album, which was co-produced by the well-known sound expert Rusty Santos.

Tue Oct 18th @ Loophole (Boddinstrasse 60, Neukölln) …main bands are from France, but from Not Not Fun !! Event organized by Noisekölln

High Wolf (FR, Not Not Fun) //

High Wolf makes music like no one else on the planet. He claims to be from the Amazon and all his activities are shrouded in mystery. Sometimes he is just one man, other times High Wolf is a duo. In either case he conjours mystic tropical clouds of repetition and build that, while complex, are never hard to listen to. The music seems to tap into a primal frequency and demands listeners to dance. A contemporary of James Ferraro (of The Skaters), Oneohtrix Point Never and Ducktails.” France’s High Wolf previous released records on Not Not Fun, Bathetic and his own Winged Sun imprint.

Blue Stork (DE) //

Droning Vocals, Distorted Preset Beats and Maracas is the dreamy stream of sounds by Blue Stork. First a straight ambient/drone solo-project called A Blue Stork Is Born By A Moonlight Tower, he decided to keep his drone aesthetics and put them together with a nostalgic tropicana feeling in which the organic Maracas played by his girlfriend and personal shaman, bring the right ethno-spiritual feeling to get high between stars and lovely creatures from the past.

Indias Indios (Chile)//

Indias indios is the name that Benjamin Altermatt gave to a collection of drawings and found images during the summer of 2006, an archive mostly related to landscapes and their people, as well as abstract forms, vertical miasma and so on. During the years the archive has expanded itself to sound collections, as well as to music collaborations with friends. Benjamin.A started to perform as indias indios in the early 2009 around europe. He is based in Berlin, and is currently working on a lo-fi movie and the soundtrack.

// DJs //

Desmond & Lunar Goon –


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