la gioiosa macchina da guerra

Insects eyes by DuChamp

We love insects for many reasons. Few that comes up in my mind, one the way Burroughs keep repeating “insect eyes” in “Naked Lunch”, two because they are aesthetically beautiful, and three for this amazing sci-fi novel, called “Consider her ways” by John Wyndham , one of the most intelligent vision on gender fight. It exist also a very nice episode from the series Alfred Hitchcock hour, inspired by that novel.

On fri Mar 4th there will be the launch of this very interesting insect-related book:

INSECT MEDIA: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology
By Jussi Parikka, University of Minnesota Press | 320 pages | 2010
Posthumanities Series, volume 11

in General Public, Schoenhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin

and, on the 8th, this concert, organized by La Gioiosa Macchina da Guerra/General Public

Munn, Negrão & Kristinsson
// Date: 08. March 2011, 21h
// Venue: General Public, Schoenhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin 

la gioiosa macchina da guerra in collaboration with general public presents

Luke Munn (material soundscapes, NZ/DE)

Miguel Negrão (drone, PT/NE)

Steindór Kristinsson (ambient, IS/NE)


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