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Talibam! live @ Bei Roy! Thu June 23rd by DuChamp

Tomorrow night, the awesome Talibam! live in Berlin @ Bei Roy (Ziegrastrasse 11, NK)


Hailing from New York, Talibam!, founded in 2003 by Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel has created most unique and exciting live shows and powerfully recorded documents. At a time when most culture sticks to conservative niche opportunities, Talibam! is interested in expansion and exploration; They manage to part the sea by not sticking to genre, aesthetic predisposition or the usual norms of what being a ‘band’ is. More inclined to put on a show that any and all will like, and not be stymied by ‘avant’ type casting, they have won over both unsuspecting and in the ‘know’ audiences worldwide. The energy of Kevin Shea’s full steam drumming is not to be missed, nor is the primal tone of Mottel’s synth run through a Marshall Half Stack.
Sam Kulik is a member of the bands Starring and Nervous Cabaret, and has toured and/or recorded with Skeletons, Amanda Palmer, Capillary Action, Lia Ices, Parts and Labor, Roswell Rudd, and Cynthia Hopkins. He has composed music for dance and theater works and was curator of John Zorn’s club The Stone in December 2009.

check out the video:


Young Hare play wavy lo-fi beach pop.
sounds and looks like this live:


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