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tonight: “Inferno” and live soundtrack! by DuChamp
February 24, 2014, 8:26 am
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Luca Domeneghetti and caffè Futuro presents:

///INFERNO/// (Italy 1911) — restored colored version—
directed by Giuseppe De Liguoro, Francesco Bertolini and Adolfo Padovan, from Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” (first part of “La Divina Commedia”); cinematography by Emilio Roncarolo; designed by Sandro Properzi and Francesco Bertolini; CAST: Salvatore Papa (Dante Alighieri), Arturo Pirovano (Virgilio);
68 min / b&w / English intertitles

live sonorisation by Alessandro Quintavalle

This was a gigantic production for the time. Its use of sets and hour-plus runtime would help influence the movie-making industries on both sides of the Atlantic to produce longer and more epic films. Additionally, the film-making here isn’t bad for 1911 standards, but besides the sets and narrative, it’s still basic even for then. The superimposition and stop-substitution trick effects had been in films since nearly the beginning of the medium. And, the tableau style this film adopts, where lengthy title cards describe proceeding action was already becoming outdated. “L’Inferno” contains barely any scene dissection (there’s two insert shots I recall, and the one that isn’t of Lucifer is of awkward continuity); scenes are one continuous, usually unmoving long-shot view. For comparison, this film was released the same year as D.W. Griffith’s “The Lonedale Operator”; the difference in the use, or lack thereof, of the camera, editing and intertitles between the two films is striking. Griffith wasn’t the only one to have used varied camera positions, dissected scenes and used crosscutting and continuity editing to make his narratives more cinematic, either.

Caffè Futuro-Pannierstr. 12 Berlin


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