la gioiosa macchina da guerra

No Fear of Pop and Noisekölln presents: Sean Nicholas Savage / Ensemble Economique /Fausto Maijstral live at Raum 19.07.12 by DuChamp

Noisekölln and are teaming up again for a wonderful night at the Raum sanctuary. This is the first Berlin show for our “favorite Canadian weirdo” (nfop) Sean Nicholas Savage!


Sean Nicholas Savage is probably the best thing that happened to music this year. Smokey Las Vegas lounge P!O!P!, dirty disco, weird-folk, neo-R&B thrashers, bubbling 80s heartsongs, smooth 70s AM pop, basement lonertude, campfire balladry, dreamy soft-psych, blue-eyed reggae, Caribbean-tinged synth pop and, most importantly, hit-making.



“I’m in a perpetual personal transitional period and my music moves along accordingly. I let the vibes take me, this way and that, like the mist, the fog, the gentle ghost, floating aimless on the beach, full of everything and nothing, at once, letting the early morning sun blast me into a million pieces of ecstatic white light, pure, fragmented, transcendent.”



Fausto Maijstral is the Berlin based duo of DuChamp (IT) and Will Gresson (NZ). Together they perform dense, musique concrete/drone pieces that explore memories and lived experience through heavily processed instruments and field recordings. They have performed with Concern (US), Family Battle Snake (GR), Preslav Literary School (UK), BeMyDelay (IT), Rella the Woodcutter (IT), Drekka (US), Canid (US), Sun Worship (DE) and Nadja (CAN) among others, and recently performed in Istanbul.

spinning some rad tunes:




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