la gioiosa macchina da guerra

Upcoming this week: Cruise Family, AnklePants, White Hex… by DuChamp

[#] Noisekölln presents:  Cruise Family, Anklepants, White Hex and more…Fri 24th Feb @ Raum Berlin (Ziegrastrasse, NK)!

Cruise Family (not not fun) Le nom de guerre of Austrian Stefan Kushima, Cruise Family has notched up a number of releases on the label. True to form, ‘We’re In Heaven’ is a slab of twinkling house that somehow manages to sound at once groggy and uplifting.

Anklepants is a live electronic music machine , live vocals and input from many custom controllers and sensors tailored within the suit of Reecard Farché to manipulate sound and the animatronic face of Reecard Farché.

White Hex  are from Australia via Berlin and play music that derives influence from tropical goth, speech and movement on quaaludes, Whitehouse -Erector LP. White Hex first LP “HEAT” is due in first half of 2012 following shows in Paris, Warsaw and New York.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is a shoegaze / post-punk band from Berlin in love with bands like My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground, The Cure and Joy Division.

V.O.C. is the excavation of neglected tertiary memory, the congealed breath of Imperium Europa, through a collision of folkisch traditionalism and kosmische ambient menace.

Dj-Action: – Blue Stork/Billy Daskind


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