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Occupy! by DuChamp
October 26, 2011, 10:39 am
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Dear musicians, composers, instrumentalists, art-people, tech-people and people that potentially will make sound (pianissimo) alike,

We too have had it with the ongoing fraudulent behavior of the richest 1% of the population of this world! We feel it is time to do something: We are the 99% – too. Protesting is a musician’s right also for the non-drumcircle oriented.

Fire the failed regulators! and instead of setting ourselves on fire; let’s join forces and fill a field with large spectrums of sound!

We are consequently planning to show our presence this coming Saturday, next to and in solidarity with the #occupywallstreet –> #occupyberlin movement
On any sustaining instrument – playing long pianissimo tones with a soft attack sourced from the overtone spectrum rooting in the lowest F on a double-bass (43.654 Herz) – we will render a version of James Tenney’s piece In a large open space. We consider it a brilliant piece for this occasion, it was even written in Berlin.

This is an invitation to take part in a rendition of James Tenney’s piece In a large open space (for any 12 or more sustaining instruments) on Saturday the 29th of October in Berlin on the green in front of the Reichstag/Bundestag.

We’ll meet at 15:00 and start playing when it feels right, you are invited to come on time or come late. We don’t want to directly disturb any other protesters; whatever they might be doing, they may continue doing, and so will we, it’s a large field.

We need loads of people to make this sound BIG.

We merely ask you to show up on the green with your sustaining instrument of any kind – the score is magnificently clear.
(really any kind – including if someone wants to make an app or a software that can be easily operated by anyone to join in on a phone or laptop)

The low instruments placed somewhat more in the middle, the higher ones around. We’ll play for as long as it seems sensible.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you like

let us know if you have any questions!

yours faithfully

the initiative

in a large open space. within which the audience is able to move freely. for any 12 or more sustaining instruments.

James Tenney, Berlin 1994

The musicians should be distributed in the space as widely and evenly as possible, with instruments of lower tessitura located more centrally, higher ones more peripherally.
Each player plays one after another of the “available pitches” within the range oh his/her instrument (see notation below), very quietly (pp), with a soft attack, for some 30 to 60 seconds.
After a breath or short pause, another pitch is chosen (generally trying to avoid duplicating a pitch already sounding on another instrument), and the same process is repeated, again and again,
for the duration of the performance or installation.

Available pitches for in a large open space. The numbers above each notated pitch indicate deviations from the tempered pitch in cents (hundredths of a tempered semitone).
In order to achieve the required accuracy of intonation, players of instruments with variable intonation should be equipped with an electronic tuning device.
Instruments of fixed pitch (e.g. accordion, vibraphone (arco), etc.) may play only pitches which differ by no more than 5 cents from the tempered pitch.



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