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23 Sept @ General Public: DUO CONCERT boris d hegenbart-matsui & yoshio machida / DJ SET Iku Sakan by nanabianca
September 13, 2011, 7:37 pm
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DUO CONCERTS : boris d hegenbart-matsui / yoshio machida
Yoshio Machida (steel pan) / boris d hegenbart-matsui (electronic devices)

DJ Set: Iku Sakan

General Public
Schönhauser Allee 167c Berlin
Opening time: 8 pm
Concert: 8.30 pm (tight!)
DJ Set: 9.30-11.30
Entrance: 5 Euros

Organised by Alice Cannava.
Thanks to Shintaro Miyazaki.

Yoshio Machida, a sound & visual artist, Steel Pan player, born in Japan in 1967 and living in Tokyo. He studied minimal art, music, film extensively under Kuniharu Akiyama at Tama art university in Tokyo. He was inspired by various ethinic music when he was involved in international cooperation work in Asia and Africa in the 90s. So far Machida has played in ISEA2004, Sonar-Tokyo, Europhonics, Maerz Musik, etc. He was introduced in “Haunted Weather” by David Toop as a composer of generative music. In 2009, He created a soundtrack for Van Cleef & Arpels Exhibition in Tokyo. In 2004, Machida founded AMORFON, a music label / a platform for contemporary art event.

boris d hegenbart-matsui, born in 1969 in Berlin / Germany. Musician / composer of electroacoustic music and sound-art since 1996. Sound installations, electroacoustic concerts and performances. Soundscapes for theatre plays, dance performances and experimental radio- and video-art. Workshops and lectures. Solo-performances and collaborations with different performers, composers, improvisation musicians and ensembles : Zeitkratzer, Kairos Quartett, Werner Dafeldecker, Christophe Charles, Felix Kubin, Michael Moser, Dean Roberts, Ed Osborn, Ulrich Krieger, Seiichi Yamamoto, Reinhold Friedl, Michael Vorfeld, Christina Kubisch, Marc Weiser, F.S.Blumm, Sascha Demand, … In America, Asia and Europe. At Transmediale, Club-Transmediale, MaerzMusik, Inventionen, …

Iku Sakan(JP/DE), born in Osaka, Japan, catapulted from there to Berlin in 2009.
He has performed in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Mexico & Japan, including important festivals in Europe as a member of several bands, such as All Tomorrows Partie’s(UK, with Maher Shalal Hash Baz) and Avantgard Festival(DE, with Meeting of the Spirits).
Iku combines both acoustic & electronic elements. the result is an intuitional mixation of various sound colors in unique Electro-acoustique, Musique concrète style. Iku is a performer and DJ at the same time, interested in experimental music, avantgarde & psychedelic/kraut stuff.


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