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Brandon LaBelle @ General Public by DuChamp


// Opening: June 23, 7pm | 19h00
// Duration: June 24rd – 26th, 2011
// Opening Times: Friday, June 24 & Saturday, June 25, 4 – 6pm
// General Public Schoenhauser Allee 167c Berlin

ROOM TONE an exhibition by Brandon LaBelle

Sound moves between inside and outside. It disturbs what may appear static, while also providing moments of deep connection. It flows through the environment as temporal material lending dramatically to the experiences we have of being in particular buildings.
The project is developed as a conversation between sound and architecture. Working with architects, designers and artists from around the world, I sent them three audio recordings of my apartment in Berlin. Attempting to sound out the space, the recordings document the ambient, material and dimensional aspects of the apartment. The participants were then given the task of making a physical model of the apartment by using the sounds as their only source of information. In this way, a process of translation and interpretation developed, incorporating an understanding, however factual or fantastical, of the auditory into rendering a spatial form.
For the opening of the exhibition, the new publication “Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear Vol. 2” (edited by Brandon LaBelle & Claudia Martinho, published by Errant Bodies Press) will be presented with a specially constructed display by the artist Riccardo Benassi. 

Carlos Campos, Buenos Aires; Lise Laurberg, Copenhagen; Yeoryia Manolopoulou, London; Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren, Bristol; Anna-Kristina Netzel, Berlin; Valeria Merlini, Berlin; Margit Leisner, Curitiba; Daniela Oroquieta, Santiago de Chile; Anke Wünschmann + Achim Wollscheid, Frankfurt; Reinhard Brügmann, Berlin; Lewis & Taggart, Bergen; Bruno Ebersbach, Berlin; Roberto Arad & Rafael Lino, Curitiba; Martina Schaaf, Potsdam; Office Z, Memphis 

// Talk, Presentation & Sound + exhibition
// Date: 26th June 2011, 20h   @ General Public

The acoustic & More

Brandon LaBelle – The acoustic & More
Sound can be appreciated as forming a unique paradigm, locating our field of relations according to experiences of listening, acoustics, auditory memory, speech, etc. Following the particularity of the auditory paradigm, the presentation maps out acoustical spatiality as a process of interference, multiplication, and othering, to suggest a more pronounced relational perspective on what it means to hear.Profile 
Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer living in Berlin. His work addresses the relation of the public and the private, sociality and the narratives of everyday life, using sound, performance and sited constructions as creative supplements to existing conditions. He is the author of Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (Continuum, 2006) and Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (Continuum, 2010). He is currently professor at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway.


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