la gioiosa macchina da guerra

Soopa collective show at Altes Finanzamt, Fri 10th June by DuChamp

Friday, June 10
at Altes Finanzamt
SOOPA collective book presentation + exhibition
Soopa crew improvisation + guests

Soopa is a collective of Porto, Portugal started off a little over ten years ago, as an effort to gather musicians of different backgrounds into a performing collective with a strong focus on improvisation and a quasi cinematic visualization of sound narratives. In time, the project began to take on a much wider scope, evolving into its current multidisciplinary and somewhat holistic status. Soopa is organised around the central core of Jonathan Uliel Saldanha and Filipe Silva and features the collaboration of a network of musicians, artists and thinkers whose approaches are in some way connected to their own. Affliated musicians are Steve Mackay, known as saxophonist on the recent The Weirdness and Funhouse by The Stooges, Badawi aka Raz Mesinai and Mark Stewart of The Pop Group.

Although Jonathan and Felipe have a different musical background, they immediately understood those differences to be secondary in the face of our shared interests, such as the impact of sound on matter and psyche, the ocurrence of extreme musical forms in both traditional and contemporary contexts, ritualistic practices and their place in our current society, the reconfiguration of time through musical stasis, the dialectics of visible/occult, mental space/outer space.
 “Our individual approaches and methodologies may differ, but our work lurks a central idea. We both belong to a tradition that spans time and place, and reconfiguration of perception and reality investigating.”

Hhy & The Macumbas

The Macumbas are a cast of musicians assembled by Jonathan Saldanha (HHY) to perform his space-age voodoo Dub constructions, combining a feverish barrage of Haitian ceremonial bone-percussion, heavy sub-bass lines, clusters of horns and Skull Cave echo.

Influenced by Magick and ritual, they use Dub to unravel the sonic spectrum that connects King Tubby and Sun Ra with Macumba rhythms from the mental jungle.



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