la gioiosa macchina da guerra

Yummi noises and drones this week in Berlin… by DuChamp

# Wed 18th May @ Ruf Reaktor, Landsberger Allee 54


In Zaire is a psychedelic tribal quartet involving the memers of the italian duo G.I. Joe, Claudio Rocchetti and Stefano Pilia. Their performance is able to bring the audience into a psychedelic trip. But their music is not only psychedelic. They mix dub-funk drum rythms, tribal and african percussions, electrical-indian bassguitar melodies, arabic and psychedelic voices, and minimal-introspective electronic sounds.

# Thu 19th May you choose:

@ Raum 20 Ziegrastrasse 20 NOISEKOLLN

Strange Forces-The History of colour TV-Proto Hills-Basedeck-Addictiv

Back from their European Tour Strange Forces are living healthier than ever. With Space Punk sonatas and mind dwelling psych-out jams they will bring the 4th dimension down your pants.

Gameboy Turntable Destruction and Breakcore Master. We are stoked about his performance because Baseck soon moves back to LA and he’s gonna tear it up for us!

The History Of Colour TV: these Post-Gazers enjoy listening to the Baywatch Soundtrack while listening to Slowdive. They accumulate every 90’s Reference you can think off and mash it together into a casscade of overdriven guitars.

Additiv:Michigan’s finest in Beat Destruction and Frequency-Texture-Banging Mayhem delivers straight to your guts. His EP is out now on Void Tactical Media.

Proto Hills: A three piece group comprised of members from berlin based bands I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Fausto Maijstral and The History Of Colour TV.

+ Reuben Bonner and his best buddy Kenny Powers of An Emerald City will be spinning a fine selection of tasty interplanetary treats

@ Loophole Boddinstrasse 60: Iku Sakan / Tatsumi Ryusui / Utku Tavil AV / Kakawaka

Iku Sakan: Japanese sound artist and DJ, catapulted in Berlin, creates impressive sound textures with his voice and devices.

Tatsumi Ryusui Electric guitar, pedals, toys… They might sound quite boring until they meet Tatsumi’s hands and become the foundation of a noisy sonic experiment.

Utku Tavil AV An homeless improviser and sound artist expands his expression techniques with purely greyscale images; his sounds become visible by all means.

Kakawaka Kakawaka makes noise. Often with a 1987: ‘Seahorse’ badge for swimming 25m at Rosdorf public pool.Since 2001: noise on the internet. Since 2005: live performances.

And, yes, on Fri whoah! Animal Collective @ Astra!


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